The Last Dinosaur

An Everyman’s Guide To The New Woman

The Secret To Understanding What Today’s Modern Woman
Wants & Need In A Man!

Everything YOU Must Know About Having A Successful Relationship In Today’s Post-Woman’s Movement Era… in Just Over An Hour!

  • • Why the communication gap between men and women is much larger today than a generation ago.
  • • Why we men have felt an attack on our masculinity.
  • • Why women complain about the lack of “real men” today.
  • • What the absolute primordial difference between men and women’s motivation for their actions is.

And, most importantly…

  • • How to use all that knowledge to be a better man for the woman in your life.

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The Last Dinosaur is a one-of-a-kind audiobook… a “manual”… that serves as a guidepost for men on how to navigate the differences between what guides our actions as men and what guides the actions of today’s modern independent women.

Written and narrated by actor/author Marlon Young, The Last Dinosaur offers men a succinct and easy-to-understand roadmap on to how to avoid the misunderstandings and pitfalls that most often occur once you are in a relationship.

When it comes to solving the problems us men have with dating and relationships in today’s modern-day society, there is no doubt “The Last Dinosaur” audiobook is the most important resource you can ever have as a man!

What others are saying!

“It’s great… it’s like the Mars and Venus book but without all the “pussification” that John Gray does…”

Dana H.
Jersey City, NJ

“The timing of ‘The Last Dinosaur’ is perfect; it’s an intellectual balance to thwart years of indoctrinated traditional views of men, and their relationships with the “second-class women” they loved. When so many men are losing themselves in trying to figure out how to effectively relate and understand the women in their lives, Young poignantly describes the attributes of traditional manhood and cogently states why the natural and instinctive aspects of men need to be modified to successfully navigate the ‘new woman’. Many men have not, and will not, survive this fundamental shift in ideology that is a direct contradiction of who their grandfathers, and fathers were in past decades. Those that have, and will manage to adapt, are breaking new ground, and preserving their families in the process. The Last Dinosaur is a must read (and now hear) for all men and the women who love them.”

Mandrile H.
Judge, Entrepreneur, and Author of “Fragments: Creating Manhood from Pieces”
Charlotte, NC

“The Last Dinosaur, proved to me that everything I ever thought about women was true but I just couldn’t put it into words. I didn’t know how to say everything I was feeling. And because I couldn’t grasp the articulation of it, I couldn’t grasp fully grasp how to put my thoughts into action. With The Last Dinosaur, my thoughts have become a reality. I know how to better handle myself with women, and I can articulate it. I’ve met the love of my life now and I’m engaged. It’s that good.”

Craig R.
Hollywood, CA

Click here to listen to more samples of The Last Dinosaur” by Marlon Young.

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    • What Others Are Saying About The Last Dinosaur
    • "The Last Dinosaur is one of the most informative and straight forward books I’ve read to date. I love how the book starts off talking about how things were in the old days. Then it goes on to discuss how relationships are so much different now and how the woman has evolved. It really helped me with understanding my role and what's expected of me in my relationship. Not only has the communication between my wife and me gotten better, the “action” has become more frequent nowadays. I would definitely recommend this book. Awesome read!"

      - Davey L.

      Atlanta, GA

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